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CFO for a PE Investee Company

The Client:

A large reputed General Private Equity Fund has a specialty hospital in Hyderabad as part of their portfolio. With a steady and a well- funded foundation supported by a strong team of 5000 doctors, paramedics, nurses and other staff, the hospital stood ready for another leap above in their domain.

Location: Hyderabad  

The Hiring Need:

The client, Hyderabad- based specialty hospital, was seeking to hire Group CFO to head their IPO launch program.  

The Situation:

The potential Group CFO was required to have a thorough exposure of IPO launches. He had to be an expert in wearing a strategic hat with a robust experience in the internal processes before such a launch. The talent had to have an experience working closely with private equity funds, interacting with promoters and to have the right cultural fitment.

The Vital Interface:

The management team of See & Recruit had proven experience and a thorough comprehension of the finance field having come from the same sector. 

The research started with listing companies which had recently filed for an IPO. Apart from IPO experience, we ascertained that the candidate has an in-depth experience of Pharma sector. More importantly, especially in the case of nonlocal candidates, they had to expound the right reasons to move location. 

The right fit:

We mapped potential candidates with exceptional leadership qualities and experience based on client’s requirement. We engaged with the Private Equity Fund for the primary shortlist and utilized client’s bandwidth only for Top 3 candidates. 

The role was finally closed with a candidate who had recently worked on a successful IPO launched in October 2016, prior to which he had worked on a similar assignment with another listed Pharma company. We were glad to learn that the candidate had family based out of Hyderabad and was confident that he would engage with our client for long-term.                   

Key Success Factor:

This marquee closure merits the efforts applied by See and Recruit team who applied a systematic methodology and well- defined techniques to arrive at same.