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Head of offshore Fund Raising/Singapore

The client:

The client is an Indian real estate focused billion dollar equity fund.

Location: Singapore 

Hiring need:

The management was seeking a dynamic professional who would head their offshore fundraising department.


The client had recently been through a business restructuring, post which they had decided to set-up an overseas company to improve their relationships with their existing investors and prepare for raising their next fund. The client was keen to work with someone who had an experience of ‘Fundraising with Institutional Investors’ as well as India Real Estate market experience was preferred.  Additionally, the client wanted a candidate who was a permanent resident of Singapore.

The Vital Interface:

This was See & Recruit’s first innings with the client, we were, as well as for the first time, conducting a search from global talent pool for local hiring.  We started our pursuit through a focused research on all the India- based Real Estate Funds which had offices in Singapore.  We mapped their team to identify the candidate who qualified the best for this job, who had an in-depth knowledge of private equity funds and a sharp mind.

The right fit:

Since the selection criteria were much defined, there were very limited candidates for the job.  Moreover, the client had employed services of other search firms who had a track record of such hiring.

We could turn this opportunity in our favor by speed and accuracy. Our CEO planned to visit Singapore and meet the potential candidates. In a remarkably short time, we had the best -suited candidate who “ticked all boxes”.

Fortunately, the client also realized that we have referred the most suited candidate and that we had concluded this search positively.

Key success factor:

This case study goes to prove that given an opportunity, we a boutique search firm, can deliver on global mandates.

Another key success factor is a well-outlined search strategy coupled with speed and accuracy.