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Project Manager / High - Rise Luxury

The Client

Our client is a major Real Estate Developer in Mumbai, a part of Billion Dollar Heritage Group.  They were known for their high -rise luxury constructions.

Location: Mumbai

Hiring Need

The client had already begun the construction of an iconic super high rise project in Mumbai. The management therefore, was seeking to hire an expert candidate who was a technically qualified engineer from construction sector and had the proficiency to oversee the construction of super high-rise iconic structures i.e. over 90 floors.


The candidate was required to have a thorough grounding in the science required in constructing super high rise iconic structures, as well as knowledge of the compliances and safety codes mandatory for such iconic buildings.  The talent was also required to have global exposure having engaged with international architectures.

The highest building in India stands 60 floors tall.  Therefore, for an expert with the experience of constructing a structure of more than 60 floors had to be a talent who has worked on such structures abroad.

The vital interface

See & Recruit mobilized all its resources and put forward a name list of candidates from across different countries with the necessary experience. 

However, as per the client’s initial requirement, the candidate had to be of Indian nationality. The meticulous and absolute skill essential to building iconic towers needed more than an expert hand.  It demanded certain insights and astute judgment which is only earned through hands-on when working on such a projects. 

We, See & Recruit, impressed upon the client to broaden their search base and look at Expat candidate as well. The strategy was to run through the major high rise developers, mainly in Middle East & South East Asia which would fit in the client’s selection criteria and budget. 

The client had complete trust in us and therefore conceded.

The right fit

We created an organizational chart of such companies, outlining the background of the leaders within high- rise and luxury constructions. We plowed on working endlessly for months locating, networking, and short listing the potential talents.  We reviewed the research with management to hand-select expat candidates.

The client chose an expat of British Nationality located in Dubai.  The candidate was also eager to work on a similar project, super high rise luxury construction, in a developing economy.  After various interview rounds, the candidate was finally called to India for the final round with the CMD of the company to seal the deal.

Going the extra mile

See & Recruit walked the extra mile for the talent.  They took personal interest and efforts to make sure that the candidate and his family is comfortable in India, familiarizing him with the Alpha city and its vibrancy.  The candidate accepted the offer with a start date within the required timeline.

Key success factor

This placement was client’s complete faith in See and Recruit’s discerning and incisive hiring process.