Our Journey

With a profound 17-year legacy in executive recruitment, See & Recruit strategically operates across the vibrant markets of India and Dubai. With a primary focus on the BFSI and Real Estate sectors, we effectively navigate and serve over 20+ industries powered by private equity venture capital. Our unwavering commitment lies in fuelling India's extraordinary growth trajectory.

Why See & Recruit?

Leadership hiring experts to resolve your challenges!

Why See & Recruit

We are single-mindedly focused on our client and work in partnership with them to effectively address all their human resource needs, with offerings of the highest quality.

Our people thrive in an environment that demands accurate service delivery at highly challenging turn-around times. Our Clientele includes reputed names in the Real Estate & Infrastructure and Financial Services sector.

Strong understanding of complex client Business

One ‘Strong Value’ which we bring to the process is our understanding of complex services and products across industries. It is derived from the Industry experience of the top management and strong belief in “knowledge-based recruitment strategy”.

We are highly committed to meet your needs for the talent pool and aim to acquire a thorough understanding of your business, culture, and values.

We do what fits your culture

We apply competency-based recruitment techniques to assess personal traits of candidates and map their personality characteristics with the job role and our Client’s culture.

Based on client request, we can suggest several competency based recruitment tools (including group discussion, Psychometric testing, presentation, etc.) at the initial screening itself.

Robust client updates

We regularly provide/update reports on the recruitment status based on the pre-defined stages of recruitment to our clients.

This is a value-added service to the Client and the process also helps both; us and our client; to take responsibility for the process and ensure smooth and effective talent acquisition.

Redefining the world of recruitment.

We Are Here To Connect The Dots.

Employer Branding:

75% of applicants now consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job. 83% of Employers say that the Employer Brand plays a significant role in their ability to hire talent. We are here to become your Brand Ambassador.

Cost of Bad Hire:

39% of businesses report a decrease in productivity due to a bad hire. We work relentlessly to ensure that our Talent advice is backed with research.

Candidate Experience:

We actively engage with Talent in your industry and keep them abreast of your latest success stories. Idea is to play the role of catalyst to keep them engaged with your Brand and ensure they have positive candidate experience.


We do enjoy great relationship and Trust from the Leadership Talent and hence your access to difficult-to-reach candidates is ensured.

Industry Trend:

We do actively participate in strategic discussions on succession planning, compensation benchmarking, industry practices, etc.