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In the world of entrepreneurship, timing is often a key concern. In "No Time Is Bad Time - 3-Steps Approach: Entrepreneurship," a CEO shares invaluable insights on how to overcome the odds and succeed in business, regardless of external circumstances. Discover the three essential steps to navigate economic crises, including the pandemic and the rise of hybrid work culture, and achieve entrepreneurial success. Don't miss out on this authoritative guide from an experienced CEO.

I am a professional, a chartered accountant by qualification turned entrepreneur, now holding the CEO position of a reputed executive search firm. In my entrepreneurship journey, I’ve embraced the notion that there’s never an inopportune moment to embark on something new and that no time is a ‘Bad Time’ to start a venture.

I started my entrepreneurship career in 2008 in the midst of the subprime crisis and global meltdown; even though the pace was slow we, fortunately, survived the roadblock. Then in 2020 the pandemic again hit us with a similar impact, but we managed to sail through comfortably. Navigating those tumultuous waters taught me invaluable lessons in adaptability and resilience. We didn’t just survive; we thrived, as it’s all in mind. You have to have a positive attitude and passion towards your work.

In my career history of 20+ years now … I have met many professionals who are aspiring entrepreneurs. I am hoping that this article provides an approach towards decision-making.

Following is the 3-step approach I would recommend :
1) Avoid Forced Entrepreneurship
2) Take A Plunge For An Idea
3) Sell Your Story To The Right Enablers

Invariably, entrepreneurship is the last best option! However, Entrepreneurship should be a choice, not a last resort. Opt for it when your career is at its peak, harnessing the confidence and positive energy accompanying success.

Everyone is eagerly anticipating “THE IDEA.” The entrepreneurial journey is incredibly fluid, offering a plethora of business options and concepts. Any idea which can make money and is scalable is good to go for. Most of the ideas die the test of scalability, which, to me, is a critical factor. Draw your strategy canvas and list down all your thoughts in terms of business expansion. The answers you seek will emerge.

Understanding yourself is vital, as is identifying potential partners or enablers with whom you can collaborate and share profits. Seek individuals who bring complementary skill sets to the table, addressing execution gaps(execution is king). When you present your vision to a prospective enabler, be prepared to face probing questions, as this process will provide added clarity and ignite your passion. Enablers play an indispensable role, and I have yet to encounter a successful entrepreneur who truly succeeded without enablers.