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Startup Salary Surge Drops Massively: Charting New Dynamics in Compensation Landscape
  1. Mid Career Crisis

In 2023 India, home to a renowned startup ecosystem, witnessed a noteworthy deceleration in the rate of salary increments for startup employees. The fiscal year brought about a significant shift, with average pay hikes ranging between 7% and 12%—a substantial decline from the previous fiscal period, as indicated by various reports surfing the net.

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Tamil Nadu's Astonishing Start-Up Revolution: 576 All-Women Ventures And 3,654 Women-Led Start-Ups Redefine Entrepreneurship
  1. Culture Building
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In the captivating realm of Tamil Nadu's start-up ecosystem, a remarkable narrative of success unfolds, showcasing the audacity and ingenuity of women entrepreneurs. The state stands proud with 576 start-ups led exclusively by women founders, alongside an impressive 3,654 ventures featuring at least one remarkable woman at the helm, per data shared by a leading newspaper.

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