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Job opportunities knock on Tier 1 graduates doors more often than from Tier 2 or Tier 3 colleges in India. This is because they are considered more reliable and scholarly, making them the first choice for recruiters. So let`s throw some more light as to why recruiters prefer candidates from Tier-1 colleges only:

  • Clients Prequesitie On Any Mandate: While discussing a mandate with recruiters, Clients provide a list of non-negotiables. Usually, a pre-requisite for reputed firms is that the hire should only be a Tier-1 college graduate. With such a criterion, the recruiters are restricted in their search and talent pool.
  • Creamy Layer: Cracking the entrance exam isn`t a piece of cake; it requires intense preparation and adequate knowledge of the subjects. As lakhs of people appear for the same, only a few get admission in their desired course. Hence, it is a pre-conceived notion amongst the recruiters community that they are approaching the best brains in the country.
  • Believe In Smartwork: Everybody in the current era likes smart-work with less effort and productive output, unlike hard work. Alums from prestigious colleges imbibe a great deal of self-confidence & are usually tech-savvy. Firms seek candidates who showcase such skills and do not vary in making wise decisions quickly with the help of technology.
  • Considered More Knowledgeable: Internships are part of degree courses, and they make the resume stronger. Thus, if a candidate has done notable work as an intern in an esteemed firm, it conventionally reflects in their CV. Recruiters and Clients prefer individuals with some experience, so they don`t have to invest much time in training.
  • Increase The Chance Of Finding The Ideal Candidate: The track record of institutes like IITs or IIMs has been flawless over decades. The reason why they are listed amongst the top institutes across the globe. With such a strong background, the chances of going wrong for recruiters tracing an ideal candidate for any Client seems low.